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July 25,2008

Set in a stylized yet familiar landscape of Americana, director/co-writer David Munro's whimsical cautionary tale follows Alby Cutrera (Matt McGrath), a 35-year-old husband and father who longs for the days of his carefree boyhood when his only occupation was playing with his action figures. Desperate to escape the confines of adulthood and return to his halcyon days, Alby tracks down his childhood whipping boy Elias (Judah Friedlander), who now teaches at a special needs school, and persuades him to take a road trip to Diggityland—their favorite childhood theme park. As the dynamic duo motor along Florida's tatty Orange Blossom Highway, they encounter a cast of tragicomic creatures, including an AWOL ex-theme park employee turned commando hitchhiker (Alan Cumming), an oversexed bartending clown-in-training (Amy Sedaris), and a trailer-dwelling delusional mermaid (Deborah Harry). Calamity and mayhem ensue as Alby and Elias' sentimental trip down memory lane becomes an unsolicited lesson in the perils of living in the past. Official Web Site


David Munro


Matt McGrath, Judah Friedlander, Alan Cumming, Deborah Harry, Amy Sedaris, Katie Kreisler, Joie Lee, Jerry Grayson, Benjamin Karpf

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1hr 18mins

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June 1,2008

Dream Scheme Productions releases "Imperial Chopper Directors Cut"

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January 28, 2008

feature film Release

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January 1-2016

Mimic Films announcement of new action adventure film project in the works.  CEO founder Randy Neubert comments: " We are always pushing the limits of film making to achieve the best possible production  we can"  Reviews are saying this could be a new bench mark in the filming community. 

Mimic Films announce New Film Project!
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New Product Links Announcement
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