feature films

Props / Sets / Special Effects / Visual Effects  2006 / 2007 / 2008

Film Company /  Rhinomotion Films

Director                 Phillip Hudson

Producer               Amy Demmon / PC Barbara Brodntiz 

Movie                     Homeworld (Finished / International Distribution )

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feature films

Props / Sets / 1.1 scale Telephone Booth /  2006 / 2007

Film Company       Orange Universe Films , San Francisco CA

Writer/Director      Roman Scott

Producers                David Marchetti & Dionne Lotivio 

Movie                       "Denmark"  



Short films

Animatronics / Stop Motion Model / Special Effects  2006 / 2007

Film Company  /    Dream Dynamic Films San Francisco, CA

Director                   Jeremy Stevermer

Movie                       "Reeling" 



Short films

Set Design / Props  2007

Film Company             Rhinomotion Films, San Ramon CA

Director                         Phillip Hudson

Producer                        Amy Demmon

Movie                            "The Ring" Battle Star Galactica Fan Film Video Contest

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Short films

Prop Lighting Effects     2006 / 2007

Film Company /  Dream Scheme Productions

Director                 Cristofer Adrian

Movie                     "Imperial Chopper" (Directors Cut) Fan Film

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Short films

Miniatures / Concept Drawings /  2007

Director                 Dante Oliviero

Producer               Kedrick Wright

Movie                     "William Blixr"





Scientist Helmet / Props / Electronics /  2007

Filmed Live Action Performance / Nummi  Theater / Fremont CA

Director                 Anthony Martin

Producer               Anthony Martin Productions

Performance        "Biohazard"

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Special Effects / Headless Man / 2007

Film Company             Kontent Films / San Francisco, CA

Director                         David Munro

Producer                        Teri Heyman 

Client                            Zafu Designer Jeans

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Music video

2 Custom Special Effects Models  2005

Production Company  /  Mercurybar Productions Inc. Hollywood CA

Director                                David Presley

Video                                     Sugar in war time                                   

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Corporate Video

Documentary / Presentation Opener Video

Production Company  /  Mimic Films LLC. Redwood City, CA

Director                                Randy Neubert

Video                                     San Carlos Charter Learning Center

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