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As a young child I was taking apart what ever I could get my hands on, when I was around 8 years old I built some of my first model kits and was amazed with miniatures . After graduating high school I got back into model building and started to build replica models & props for extra money. At this time I was trying different areas of the trade work, carpentry, plumbing, electrical ect, little did I know this would set my foundation for the future.  I was married  in 1999 and my wife and I had are first child.  In 2000 I opened VoodooFX a lighting company for studio model builders and hobbyist, as the years went by I was getting calls from independent film makers looking for models, props, sets and visual effects work for there films. In 2003 the company expanded into other divisions, animatronics, props and special effects work. The demand for "old school" physical effects work for film, TV, video, made it apparent to launch our own filming company, on January1, 2008 Mimic Films LLC was established. I feel so lucky to do what I do and hope to become a great film maker some day!

Randy Neubert / Mimic Films

Founder Randy F Neubert

3312 Hoover Street, Redwood City, Ca  (650-568-3400)




Design & build animatronics devices, programming & automation. 


General knowledge of building applications & finish carpentry.


Life-Casting, plaster, latex rubber, epoxy, alginate, RVT molds.


Custom electrical systems, RC and servo controller automation.


Miniature lighting, Fiber-Optic and special effect lighting equipment.


Welding experience, steel, uni-strut, and thin gauge wire frame.  


Modeling all levels, scratch builds and miniature lighting effects.


Working in all phase, specializing in airbrush work & weathering.


Average sculpting skills. big and small project development.


Atmospheric effects, smoke, fog, wind, rain, full range visual fx.



Director / feature films, short films, music video, commercials.


Cinematography / films, video and multi media projects.


VFX Director / lighting, green screen, complex visual shots.


Concept Artist / concept drawing, story boarding.


Screen Writer / story concept/ treatment / screen play.


Editor / non-linear video editing, green screen matte editing.












Company HISTORY:

feature films

Props / Sets / Special Effects / Visual Effects  2006 / 2007 / 2008

Film Company /  Rhinomotion Films

Director                 Phillip Hudson

Producer               Amy Demmon / PC Barbara Brodntiz 

Movie                     Homeworld (Finished / International Distribution )

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feature films

Props / Sets / 1.1 scale Telephone Booth /  2006 / 2007

Film Company       Orange Universe Films , San Francisco CA

Writer/Director      Roman Scott

Producers                David Marchetti & Dionne Lotivio 

Movie                       "Denmark"  



Short films

Animatronics / Stop Motion Model / Special Effects  2006 / 2007

Film Company  /    Dream Dynamic Films San Francisco, CA

Director                   Jeremy Stevermer

Movie                       "Reeling" 



Short films

Set Design / Props  2007

Film Company             Rhinomotion Films, San Ramon CA

Director                         Phillip Hudson

Producer                        Amy Demmon

Movie                            "The Ring" Battle Star Galactica Fan Film Video Contest

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Short films

Prop Lighting Effects     2006 / 2007

Film Company /  Dream Scheme Productions

Director                 Cristofer Adrian

Movie                     "Imperial Chopper" (Directors Cut) Fan Film

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Short films

Miniatures / Concept Drawings /  2007

Director                 Dante Oliviero

Producer               Kedrick Wright

Movie                     "William Blixr"




Special Effects / Headless Man / 2007

Film Company             Kontent Films / San Francisco, CA

Director                         David Munro

Producer                        Teri Heyman 

Client                            Zafu Designer Jeans

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Scientist Helmet / Props / Electronics /  2007

Filmed Live Action Performance / Nummi  Theater / Fremont CA

Director                 Anthony Martin

Producer               Anthony Martin Productions

Performance        "Biohazard"

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Music video

2 Custom Special Effects Models  2005

Production Company  /  Mercurybar Productions Inc. Hollywood CA

Director                                David Presley

Video                                     Sugar in war time                                   

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Corporate Video

Documentary / Presentation Opener Video

Production Company  /  Mimic Films LLC. Redwood City, CA

Director                                Randy Neubert

Video                                     San Carlos Charter Learning Center

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News Paper Reviews :

Writer:    Delfin Vigil

Published SF Chronicle 6-26-05 Datebook

Weird science

Take a look around. Hey! Don't be too obvious. We may not live in Area 51, but the Bay Area has just as many reasons to vie for the nation's sci-fi central, according to Randy Neubert of Belmont, who admits to a science- fiction addiction. "Without a doubt, I guarantee you that the Bay Area has the best science- fiction community in the country," says Neubert, who is the mastermind behind VoodooFX -- a small science-fiction effects and models shop in the South Bay ( "Partly it has to do with places like George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch and even the Academy of Art University. But let's face it, there are a lot of strange people in the San Francisco area." Strange is good business for Neubert. If you've ever had a strange desire to transform your living room into the cockpit of a TIE fighter, Neubert is the guy to talk to. Going on two years, Neubert's fully operational shop offers consultation on carpentry, casting, lighting, painting for props and models from your favorite sci-fi flicks. He recently finished up a (replica) of a 5-foot Doomsday Machine from "Star Trek." Neubert, more of a "Star Wars" man himself, has built a reputation for satisfying the demands of (sigh) " 'Star Trek' people."


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